Remo Mazzucato
brand chef

World-famous chef and guru of authentic Italian cuisine. For more than 50 years of his culinary experience, the dishes prepared by him never cease to amaze even the most sophisticated gourmets. Sicilian born Maestro Remo extremely values traditions and relies on the heritage taste and true flavours of the masterpiece dishes.

Victor Ravdive


Founder of the Restau-Rateur group, owner and creator of dozens of food and beverage concepts, street food festivals in Riga, Monaco, Moscow and London. Victor’s inventive and prolific approach made the Resto-Rators a number one supplier of private jet catering in Latvia and high-end events all around the world. Twice awarded as the best restaurateur in Latvia in the category of men of the year in tourism. Being as well an Executive Chef for the group, Victor has created unforgettable experiences for thousands of guests around the world. Every menu Victor designs as something special influenced by the global culinary experiences gained from working in restaurants and events around the world among with world class chefs.

Daniele Arcangeli
Head Sommelier

Best Sommelier of Tuscany 2012, Best Sommelier of Italy 2015 and 36th at the ASI Best Sommelier of the World contest in 2018. From Tuscany with an endless passion in wines and beverages, Daniele took care of the wines selection at award-winning Michelin Starred restaurants. He contemplates the right choice pairing to the essentials of Italian cuisine.

Aleksandr Sarujev
Head Chef

A talented alumni of our brand chef Remo, who has been keeping unique recipes and secrets of excellent taste of dishes for more than three years. Extremely passionate about Italian cuisine and culture, with incredible diligence he continues to learn and discover something new every day. 

Agita Anstrauta
Head of Reservations and Guest Relations

Spent more than a decade rising through the positions and developing craft at London’s most impressive establishments. Following a successful career for over 7 years was responsible for events, banqueting and reservations at three Michelin Starred restaurants.